This is a small eclectic collection of books I find to be particularly good and highly accessible. They may act as jumping off points for further exploration.

I hold Dr James Hollis in particularly high regard and recommend all of his
work to patients and students wishing to gain insight into their process. In my judgement ‘The Middle Passage’, ‘The Eden Project’ and the recording ‘Through the Dark Wood’ are his masterworks.

David Abram; The Spell of the Sensuous
Robert Bly and Marion Woodman; The Maiden King
Joseph Campbell; Pathways to Bliss
Joan Halifax; The Fruitful Darkness
James Hillman; A Blue Fire
Albert Kreinheder; Body and Soul
Thomas Lewis et al; A General Theory of Love
Ralph Metzner; The Unfolding Self, Varieties of Transformative Experience
Alice Miller; The Drama of the Gifted Child
Bill Plotkin; Soulcraft
Anthony Stevens; The Two Million Year Old Self

Of particular interest to women;
Clarissa Pinkola Estes; Women Who Run with the Wolves.
Marion Woodman; The Pregnant Virgin

Of particular interest to men;
James Hollis; Under Saturns Shadow
Robert Bly; Iron John